What is more important?

What is more important?

Learning about the people and schools that you meet at a conference or getting them to learn about you? At a conference, as with any relationship, the most important thing – the first thing – is to learn about the customer.  Conferences are about lead generation…NOT Sales. The Point of sponsoring is to meet with new and existing customers and get to know them better.

The school year has its decision making rhythms. Curriculum is addressed after midyear and that leads to book orders. Images for a new view book are taken a year in advance. As an industry leader you know when things happen. The goal is to be in the conversation when your industry is being considered.

Businesses that have successful sponsorship and conference experiences are the ones that in those face to face times learn more about the schools, their challenges, and their plans. How those variables impact the students and their families…and how they can help.

Quote of the month – “The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.” Peter F. Drucker

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