The Good in Don Draper

You have to look hard to find the good in Don Draper. Some have written that he is the Devil.

What I find admirable about Don is that he is not a hand wringer. When he told Peggy to move on and accept that this never happened and that she would be amazed how quickly that became true. I think she is pretty amazed. He just keeps going. One part energizer bunny, one part the Teflon on Ronald Regan, and a final part…a never ending overabundance of confidence.

Perhaps he misses some insight we might gain from inspection. However, velocity is on his side.

My father talks about playing the next point. Playing the next point. It is always there to be played. It gets played whether or not I am playing. How many points can I afford to let go while I am wringing my hands. How many can you…Don Draper never loses any of those points. That is the good in Don Draper

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