The Music is Between the Notes

During the past several weeks there have been hundreds of ceremonies at Boarding Schools across the globe. Students were recognized individually for their unique gifts and talents. What they have done for their school and what their school has done for them are the highlights. It is a chance to see the best in our students and our schools.

Often, the connection between the teacher or coach and the student is strong and meaningful. In these cases, once in a while, there is a pause in the recognition. Not a pause for effect….rather a pause to gather one’s self when emotions overtake polish. A moment to realize that a boarding school’s community has forged a dedication as uniquely boarding as Saturday classes. This pause is the music between the notes at our school. They remind us why we give our lives to our schools.

I witnessed one of these moments at an athletic signing ceremony between the athletic director (Chapman Kern) and a distance runner (Paul Jordan). The link to the talk is below. Take a look – maybe it will remind you of a moment when you paused. Maybe it will remind you of your best self.

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