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Guiding Students Towards Growth and Success

College is four years of adventure. It’s four years of challenge. And it’s four of the most important years in the lives of international students juggling academic expectations, a different culture and living away from family while preparing for adulthood. Loneliness and isolation can cause many students to falter.

Sprinkle Caldwell’s mentoring and coaching program helps international students navigate such difficulties and find collegiate success – academically, socially and personally.

How does it work? An experienced, caring student success coach meets regularly with the student – ideally once a week – to discuss goals and achievements and to assess progress, identify challenges and plan next steps. We use a holistic and personalized approach and combine encouragement, structure, expectations, discipline and suggestions to help each student build a rich full life.


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Our international student services revolve around student success coaching and life skill mentoring. Life coaching for students leverages goal setting, activity tracking, accountability, and encouragement.

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Our curriculum provides support to new and current college students in areas including:

  • Establishing and refining goals and ambition
  • Cultivation of community involvement
  • Creation of and attention to time management and utilization
  • Balancing responsibilities such as study, recreation, activity and family
  • Encouragement of health lifestyle (fitness, health, nutrition)
  • Processing and prioritizing of deadlines and expectations

These are just a few of our International Student services that make the difference between survival and achievement!

Coaches help people run faster, further, and easier. Traditional therapists help people get out of the ditch.

Dr. Watson Jordan — Executive Director

Does it work? Yes! People who have used professional personal and business coaches report significant positive changes in their lives. A 2012 study found that 80% of coaching clients had improved self-confidence, 73% had improved relationships, 72% had improved communication skills, and 67% had improved life/work balance.

Why our international focus? I have mentored numerous international students in my career and have great admiration for their dedication and courage in pursuing their goals. I also believe in global interaction, understanding and cooperation.

Time and finances. We sell 45-minute blocks of coaching sessions. Purchases are valid for one calendar year. Blocks are available in three sizes

  • 5 sessions – $1,000
  • 10 sessions – $1,650
  • 20 sessions – $3,100

How do I start? Register on this page and follow the directions during the registration process. Welcome aboard!

Frequently Asked Questions

I have tremendous passion for global interaction, understanding, and cooperation. During my school career I consistently had international students to mentor. It was a favorite part of my work. I admired them and their parents for having the courage to study abroad. The bravery to enroll in a new school and live in a new country is inspiring. They meet people, start fresh and build a life. It is a great challenge and I am here to help! Life Coaching for Students is a wonderful extension for my educational career.

In this relationship, as in life, we get out of it what we put into It. Coaching involves collaborative participation of both the Student Success coach and the student. Your goals and their achievement drive our work. We combine encouragement, structure, expectations, discipline, and suggestions into international student services that lead toward a rich full life. Coaching occurs on a regular basis (at least twice per month) to assess the progress, identify challenges, and plan next steps. We work to make your life the way you want it.

Let’s use a great coach as an example. Pat Summit worked to help her players grow and excel. She helped them set and achieve goals that would stretch and inspire them to exert exceptional effort, that were also achievable. Having a coach in your corner helps identify your goals, a path to reach them, and support for accountability and inspiration. A student success coach helps you achieve superior results with minimal frustration.

This is up to the student. I enjoy starting with real objectives (graduation, end of freshman year, first job) and work through to the successful completion of the goal. Vince Lombardi coached the Packers for each game of the season and through the super bowl. Pat Summitt coached the Volunteers for the entire season and then to the completion of the NCAA tournament. Life Coaching for students embraces traditional calendar events such as semesters and graduation.

Life Coaching for students isn’t therapy in disguise; it’s an international student service designed to help healthy, ambitious people achieve more success. Learn the differences between coaching & therapy with this guide, Click Here for Guide.

We sell blocks of Life Coaching for students  in 45 minute individual sessions. The following sizes are available.  Session purchases are valid for a calendar year.
  • Five sessions    – $1,000
  • Ten sessions    – $1,650
  • 20 sessions    – $3,100

Register on this page learn more about your student success coach. Follow the directions during the registration process. Welcome aboard!

Of Course! We work with a variety of people: domestic and international as well as students or professionals. AS LONG AS there is a good fit.

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