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As the leader of an independent school, you know that your schedule – and that of your staff – is already filled with professional responsibilities, goals and duties. Special projects could help your school but the time needed to manage them is limited, if it’s available at all. Sprinkle Caldwell has a solution.

We provide Executive Management Services for School Heads and Boards.

Our staff includes an industry veteran with long and successful experience in managing and completing projects for independent schools in areas such as financials, data mining and technology. We provide the executive-level service you need on a limited-term basis.

  • Data Mining
  • Regulatory Navigation
  • CFO service
  • CTO service, review, and audit
  • Safety, Security, and Crisis Management review and audit
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How many hours have your board and administration discussed, agonized, and argued over the financial reports that a non-profit accounting system produces? Sprinkle Caldwell repackages financial reports with an eye toward executive decision making.

Our report is straightforward, concise, and germane to board and school head decisions.

  • Insightful graphing
  • Crisp information presentation
  • 3rd party research
  • Precise information gathering
  • Brevity, Brevity, Brevity
  • Bias limiting perspective
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