We Want YOU to Sponsor TABS 2014 Asia Fair

Have you ever considered sponsoring TABS Asia Fairs but wanted to identify all the benefits first? Great! Well, let me tell you more about this unique opportunity to engage with your current and potential clients.

TABS Asia Fairs have been bringing families, schools, and like-minded organizations together for 20 years. These fairs are the largest and longest running admissions fairs in Asia. TABS has worked diligently to:

  • Establish excellent in country contacts,
  • Polish its brand presence with the local communities, and
  • Provide an outstanding recruitment opportunity for its member schools.

As a sponsor you reap the benefits TABS has sown as your organization is associated with the TABS brand. You will have the opportunity to interact with two distinct groups; local families and representatives from TABS member schools. Additionally, you will benefit from the in-country marketing of this event through both print and social channels. 

This year TABS Asia Fair includes 10 tour stops. Many schools sign up to attend the whole battery of cities while others select just a few. As a sponsor you will have the chance to meet the school representatives and enhance that relationship.

As an Exhibitor you will have a table in the exhibit area, have your logo on all printed and digital promotions, and receive a list of school contact information.

As the Registration Sponsor your table will be next to TABS Registration desk allowing you to meet-and-greet families as they arrive, your logo on all digital and printed promotions and you will receive a list of school email contacts and attendee contact information.

If you are unable to travel to the Fair but still want to participate select the Materials Distribution option. TABS will locate and unpack the materials you ship to the host hotel and hand them out to families and school representatives at the fair. This is a great option for exposure even when you can’t physically be at the Fair.

If you are looking for a more dramatic presence at the Fairs we encourage you to think about being the Lead Sponsor. As the Lead Sponsor we will work together to design a custom package that promotes your company and its partnership with TABS. The Lead Sponsor would be the ONLY sponsor for all ten cities on the Asia Tour.

TABS Asia Fairs provide time and space for one-on-one connections with your target audience. Learn more about TABS 2014 Asia Tour and consider joining us as a sponsor today.

Contact Watson Jordan at 828-479-5344 for more information. 

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