My Father’s Greatest Hits

My Father turns 80 years today. I wanted to share a few of his “greatest hits” to celebrate his influence and inspiration on me.Mom & Dad

  • He would want you to know that he is a Christian and he wishes you a Merry Christmas…not a happy holiday.
  • He married his college sweetheart and their marriage remains strong and vibrant after 50 years together.
  • They raised three children and are generous and empowering parents.
  • They dote on their grandchildren.
  • He has taken a few beatings and won a few races.
  • He has left things better than he found them.
  • He constantly worked to do the “right things for the right reasons,” which is much harder than it sounds.
  • He is a nice and good man.

Today he has a rich and full life in his wake and sweet years on the horizon.

A few of my Dad’s greatest quotes:

  • If you are willing to settle for less, you will get a lot of less.
  • You can only coast when you are going downhill.
  • The three good Fs
    • Faith
    • Family
    • Friends
    • The three bad Fs
      • Fear
      • Frustration
      • Fatigue

And my favorite

  • Play the next point.

Happy Birthday Dad – Watson

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