Hotter than Haiti – Why I Sponsor

Recently my son and I ran the Hotter than Haiti 10K, a benefit race supporting Consider Haiti, which promotes the health and welfare of children in and around Montrouis, Haiti. We sponsored four rabbits and made three team shirts (one for Paul, me, and my friend Greg Hilderbran). Paul finished 2nd – I was closer to 2nd to last. We made a commitment to help sponsor the event next year. Since then I have considered why organizations sponsor – what are great reasons to sponsor?

Why I Sponsor

L to R: Greg, Paul, and myself

One powerful reason to sponsor is when something becomes personal. This event is close to my heart because of Greg. He is my friend and my attorney. He has counseled during planning and growth, applauded in high tides, and encouraged when the tide is low. Greg gives generously of his time and significant talent to Consider Haiti. I am motivated to support him…in work that is important globally and dear to his heart. That is why we sponsored. What I have been surprised by is how wonderful our involvement made us feel. Certainly, part of this was training for and running the event. Part of what felt great was doing it with my son. However, clearly the major source of good feeling was choosing who and what to support with my time, resources and energy.

I work with sponsors every day in the education community. I help them with due diligence and cost benefit. Helping facilitate their interaction with member schools is one way I stay connected to students, schools and education. Following my support of Consider Haiti and my friend Greg, I think there must be reasons for sponsorship beyond ROI.


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