Myopia Is Not a Disease, however…Why School Assessments Matter

Myopia – one eye, a lack of perspective, like the Cyclops Polyphemus who Odysseus so easily blinded in the Odyssey.

Image by Walt Stoneburner
Image by Walt Stoneburner

Myopia, although not a disease, does create a challenge for independent schools. How do schools measure themselves? College admission, GPA, and accreditation review all provide a look into a rubric for evaluation.

Third party assessments offer a tremendous mirror for schools. I work closely with several organizations that work with schools to assess their students’ progress – and indirectly the school’s momentum and trajectory. A school’s responsibility to its students must include the right amount of external assessment; to omit this educational element is a form of neglect.

Finding the right partner for the school, family, and student is worth your best due diligence. I work closely with the Educational Records Bureau (ERB), Educational Testing Service (ETS), and Council for Aid to Education (CAE), and admire their expertise and dedication to providing world-class third party assessment. Like students, schools initially recoil from an external examination. We tell our students that assessments help confirm that they are on the right path – it should be true for schools as well…don’t you think?

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