peerTransfer Understands Audits for Educational Non-Profits

peerTransfer tuition servicespeerTransfer knows that July 1st signals the beginning of the audit season for independent schools. Business offices work diligently during the year to earn a successful audit – one that verifies the operational and financial health of the school. We understand that the audit is an exam for the business office – a solid audit means a job well done. A good audit also means that the hardworking business office can take a few days off in July to rejuvenate!

Sprinkle Caldwell wishes you the best of luck on your audit this year!

About peerTransfer:

peerTransfer helps support outstanding non-profit accounting with:

  • Secure banking information. A school never has to publish its banking information again…a giant step forward in both digital and traditional security.
  • Superior records for international tuition. Each international tuition payment comes with a significantly robust data record, eliminating tuition payments that are applied to the wrong student, and the subsequent correcting entries.
  • Cleaner records for international tuitions. No more short payments with a 2nd payment to complete the transaction – peerTransfer delivers the correct amount the first time – every time!
  • Operational ease of use. Schools know the status of their tuition payments through the entire process.
  • Elimination of costly international wire transfer fees. peerTransfer’s elegant, modern system eliminates wire transfer fees as soon as the tuition enters the system.

In the news: peerTransfer raises $6.4m in new funding

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