Hey, ERB Needs More Chairs!

ERB 2014 Conference – this was the defining sentence….ERB needs more chairs!

256px-Il_salone_è_mobile_color_chairsAt the opening Keynote, presented by Alan November, the hotel continued to bring chairs for over 15 minutes as the tide of overflow crowd continued to rise. During the lunch Keynote with Harvard’s Marlyn McGrath I had to eat in the foyer – there were not enough chairs. Again, on the closing Keynote Thursday, more chairs were required to properly seat the crowd.

You might wonder…did they not know how many attendees they had. Well, we knew how many attendees we had. What we did not count on 100% participation…a participation miracle. This is what happens when expert professional development and aligned motivated attendance come together.

What a tremendous testament to growth and organizational velocity. ERB has established itself as a leader in assessments and their results that drive insight and deliver potent germane data for the twin educational turbines of achievement and admission. This is apparent as the recent conference experienced a record attendance level. More importantly, in the incredible attendance at the professional development the conference delivers.

ERB needs more chairs…Join us and find out why firsthand. There is a chair waiting for you.

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