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Stay on the Beam! That is what pilots did to stay on course. It was a radio beam…when they were on the beam it was […]

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“What is one Dream that gets me excited and what simple thing can I do to move toward it?” Identifying your Dream is the first […]

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“What are my top three Goals for the Semester?” Creating and reviewing specific goals helps keep us accountable and motivated. Three Goals is a good [...]
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“Where, when, and how often will I exercise and what will it be?” Establishing a positive fitness habit creates both a rock solid foundation for […]

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“Where and when will I eat & what diet (vegetables – fruits – proteins – carbs – dairy) helps me to maintain a healthy and […]

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Superb Article about Cell phones for International Students Learn more about the US Cellular landscape. Great News – You can keep your cell phone CampusSims […]

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“When will I go to bed & how much sleep makes me well rested and ready for the day?” Getting enough rest makes everything better. […]

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It is Complicated

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This article details four specific problems that International Student face when they study in the USA. Age Sports Food Weather 4 Adjustments International Students in […]