Bundle Packages

TABS is excited to announce Bundle Packages for our sponsors. We can customize a package that fits your needs and budget. There are several advantages to bundling your sponsorship:bundle package

  • Official or exclusive relationship with TABS
  • Financial savings
  • Presence and involvement with multiple venues/events
  • Year-round sponsorship/advertising


Official or Exclusive relationship with TABS
A bundle will promote your brand as the “official” or “exclusive” vendor for a particular category. At some smaller TABS events you can opt for exclusivity – allowing you to be the only vendor allowed for a particular product or service such as college counseling tours or apparel.

Financial Savings
There are financial benefits of bundling your sponsorship package. Discounts are dependent on the package size and scope. When you secure your sponsorship early in the fiscal year you benefit from early bird pricing, streamlined coordination, and promotion via TABS outreach and marketing.

Events and Venues
Bundled packages guarantee your presence in or involvement with multiple TABS events and venues. Bundles provide the benefit of professional development alignment, are track (i.e. admission, advancement, residential life) specific, and align the sponsorship opportunity with your mission. For example you will have benefits at TABS Annual Conference, TABS NAIS Global Symposium, TABS Summer Session and TABS3D. We can help you customize your package to the events that make sense for your company.

Year-round sponsorship
When you choose to bundle your sponsorship package you have the benefit of being a year-round sponsor of TABS gaining the most exposure for your organization and leverage with the TABS brand.

Reach out to us to get started today!

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