“Where are my classes held and how will I get there in time and be prepared to learn?”

This may seem like an odd question – a little too obvious. However, I think it is CRITICAL as it revolves around the object of the exercise. This question “helps keep the main thing the main thing”.

And – it is important to the teacher!

Christopher Jensen writes a nice article from the teacher’s perspective. Important to remember that teachers prepare for class and like to get off to a good start. An interruption at the movies for us (someone coming in late or talking out loud) is the same as in interruption in their class. Click here to ACCESS.

Bill Reynolds compares and contrasts timeliness and tardiness for Seattlepi. I like the straightforward approach he takes to emphasize obvious benefits. Sometime the obvious eludes us. Specifically, early arrival provides time to prepare for class – this preparation links powerfully and positively to improved performance. Click here to ACCESS.

Learn more about how coaching helps students

Ready to learn more about how to get to class on time?

Naomi Tepper takes a strong superb look at Waking up in KIBLIN. Everything from the physiology of waking (and sleeping) to the benefits of excellent class participation and attendance. Coffee adoration, screen time, and modern pressure are explored. She provides some potent realism that a component of improving is self-knowledge and points out a few data centric methods to consider. Click here to ACCESS.

This how to WIKI is very basic. I like the graphics and the “101” nature of the suggestions. The recommendations are all very achievable which is encouraging. One element that is addresses is the need to do some advance work at the beginning of each semester.Smart to acknowledge and embrace. Click here to ACCESS.

Here are my suggestions:

  • Go to sleep on time and limit screen time in advance of going to bed.
  • Prior to the first day of class make a game (scavenger hunt) out of learning where and how to get to your classes.
  • Accept the FACT that people who get places on time plan to get there early. (not at the last minute)

In the next few weeks we will be reviewing the best possible questions to ask ourselves. I hope you will join us and more importantly utilize the questions to make your life the way you want it to be.

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