Ask a Better Question! Ideal Nutrition

Where and when will I eat & what diet (vegetables – fruits – proteins – carbs – dairy) helps me to maintain a healthy and happy life?”

Great nutrition is a core foundation element for optimal performance. Take some time and get it right. You will be glad you did at the end of the semester.

However, this is clearly harder than it sounds. And for the international student…even a bigger challenge. When I travel internationally eating well is initially confusing. If this is true when a US citizen goes overseas, and it is, then the transition must be at least four times as hard when coming to the USA. WOW, my heart goes out to international students when they come to the USA, the land of supersized portions, advertising, and people.

Once you arrive at school it is critical to learn what the meal plan options are and what you have already paid for. Each school has a unique system, there is nuance involved. Basically, each campus has places to eat at reasonable hours. It is quite allot to figure out in the beginning, but it is crucial to get this down quickly. Do it. Even better….find a friend and do it together.

WHY?      Two Main things:

FIRST – Food is expensive – smart to understand how the meal plan operates so you can find the best food at a reasonable cost.
SECOND – The most readily available food is the worst for you – Please take some time to figure this out. In America the easiest thing to do is to eat horrible and feel even worse. Trust me on this.

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Here is a solid article about food, nutrition and health What I love about this approach is that it is country/culture neutral. It applies globally to food and its benefits.

Kenzai is a global nutrition, exercise, and community – worth learning more about as you assemble your ideal lifestyle in the US. Read More Now.

In the next few weeks we will be reviewing the best possible questions to ask ourselves. I hope you will join us and more importantly utilize the questions to make your life the way you want it to be.

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