Ask a Better Question! Goals

“What are my top three Goals for the Semester?”

Creating and reviewing specific goals helps keep us accountable and motivated. Three Goals is a good place to start. Three is enough to capture the spirit of your vision of the future.

Write thee goals down. Do it!

What do you want in your Life?

Framing this exercise in the context of the semester is helpful. At the conclusion of the semester what do you want to see when you:

  • Look in the mirror
  • Review your grades
  • Greet your friends

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There is power and magic in writing goals down and reviewing them.

When we write our goals down…

  • It is easier to take action – the small steps that lead to major progress.
  • It is easier to imagine all the feelings of working toward and achieving our goals.

Your imagination fueled by your consistent action acts as powerful engine … pulling you forward toward the future you both design and construct.

How great is that!

Learn more about Goal setting!

Download and use this SMART Goal Setting worksheet.

Click here to DOWNLOAD

Take a look at this article on the Harvard research linking goal setting and success.

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Make it happen – start today

In the next few weeks we will be reviewing the best possible questions to ask ourselves. I hope you will join us and more importantly utilize the questions to make your life the way you want it to be.

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