Why Speak and Sponsor at TABS Annual Conference

Can you explain why being a speaker at the conference is linked with required, not optional, sponsorship? We get this question often. And there is great reason! First and foremost TABS conferences are a platform for thought leadership, information sharing, networking, and collaboration. They are not trade shows established for business promotion. There are several […]

What Makes a Proposal Great?

Submitting a session proposal for a conference is a little like a game of kickball in the school gymnasium. The game is going to be played (submit your proposal), teams are going to be picked by the captains (selection committee picking concurrent and speed sessions) and someone will get benched (your proposal wasn’t selected.) But […]

June! Can you believe it’s already June?!

June! Can you believe it’s already June?! School has wound down for the summer, seniors donned their white dresses or straw hats and bow ties, and teachers are taking a deep breath of warm summer air. We, however, are just gearing up! TABS Annual Conference is six months away with planning already in full force. […]