Top Five Reasons for Saturday Classes

This weekend public schools in Asheville had Saturday classes. I laughed softly to myself as I heard friends complain – the outrage, the suffering, the indignity of it all. Memories surfaced of faculty meetings when the virtues and discomforts of Saturday classes were discussed. Here is my top five list of the benefits of weekend […]

Rich in Strength

Amos Kearns died this week. He was rich in strength where I am poor. Amos was a contemporary of my father. They met in college–both went to boarding school–both sent their sons to boarding school. That is where I began my friendship with Amos Kearns. I went to Virginia Episcopal School with his three sons: […]

The Moral of John Olerud

John Olerud was a great major league baseball hitter. He has lifetime averages of:   AVG         .295 OBP         .398 SLG         .465 OBS         .863  In baseball, as in life, there are peaks and valleys. There are times when we are hitting great and there are other times…times when it is hard to make contact at all. […]