What Educators Can Learn from “Breaking Bad”

This summer I binge watched “Breaking Bad” with my son Paul. The content was repulsive with topics such as meth cooking, murder, and teasing out the subtle difference between a junkie and an addict. However, the story was riveting and the character development was fantastic. An interesting benefit of binge watching is an increased knowledge […]

Hotter than Haiti – Why I Sponsor

Recently my son and I ran the Hotter than Haiti 10K, a benefit race supporting Consider Haiti, which promotes the health and welfare of children in and around Montrouis, Haiti. We sponsored four rabbits and made three team shirts (one for Paul, me, and my friend Greg Hilderbran). Paul finished 2nd – I was closer […]

Don’t Hit Send!

Since the first letter was written thousands of years ago, there have been moments of regret and embarrassment over the difference between what one wished to communicate and what was actually written. As technology has evolved, the chance for miscommunication has increased. The printing press begat grammatical errors that were replicated en masse. High-speed printers, […]

Better information – leads to better decisions – which produce superior audit and operational performance

Everyone knows that better information is the foundation for better decisions…the trick is getting better information in a timely and elegant fashion. peerTransfer delivers better international tuition information while saving the family and school time and money! peerTransfer delivers world class information, specifically in terms of international tuition accuracy and timeliness. Know where the tuition […]